The Rev Cycle GPO

The Power of the Revenue Cycle GPO!

We identify gaps in the market, leverage bulk buying power with vendors and offer access to all medical providers no matter what the size of their facility or practices. This way our Provider members can focus on the clinical aspects of their business and provide quality healthcare to our communities. 

What our Revenue Cycle GPO does for our members:

  • Retroactively cleans-up A/R
  • Identifies missed opportunities through internal or vendor-sourced processes
  • Prepares an implementation plan to plug the revenue holes
  • Capitalizes on the missed revenue
  • Implements best practices to optimize revenue moving forward

About our vendor supplier partners:

About our vendor supplier partners. Each supplier in our network has been vetted in research, referencing, KPI, ROI per Client in order to offer our members “The best of the best at bulk purchasing rates”

If you are interested in becoming a member or supplier of The Rev Cycle GPO, please contact:

Member Services at:

What our Rev Cycle GPO does for our members:

  • TPL Consulting/Outsource/Eligibility 
  • Underpayments (Commercial, Managed Care, TPL)
  • Health Insurance Discovery
  • VA Billing
  • Full CBO/Revenue Cycle Outsourcing
  • Healthcare Consulting on innovative revenue-cycle solutions
  • Managed Care consulting
  • Managed Care Group purchasing (Facility and ACO/Physician Contracting leveraging our network members for stronger buying power and higher reimbursements with Commercial Health Plans).
  • Non-recourse Patient loans (up to $1B in lines of credit/Factoring patient receivables)
  • Quarterly Debt Purchasing
  • COB outsourcing
  • Credit Balance outsourcing
  • Interim CEO/CFO staffing
  • ED physician staffing
  • Outsourced IT Company
  • Eligibility Commercial/TPL
  • A/R retro clean-up (Three years of A/R)
  • Education and Performance Team Building programs)

Who we reach

5000+ Hospitals
100+ of Accountable Care Associations
4000+ Urgent Care Facilities
10.000+ Physicians